Peloton Therapeutics, Inc. has offices in Dallas, Texas and San Francisco, California and we are recruiting for positions in both locations.

Peloton creates meaningful medical treatment breakthroughs by combining innovative science, talented researchers, and seasoned investors and leadership. Its success is dependent on recruiting and retaining highly qualified and motivated individuals in the science, operations, and business arenas. We seek high-caliber individuals to join our growing team and contribute to our culture of collaboration, innovation, scientific rigor, strong work ethic, and shared sense of purpose. We offer an attractive compensation package including company ownership, competitive salary, comprehensive benefits, and the opportunity to be part of a growing and dynamic biotech environment.

Notice to Recruiters

Peloton Therapeutics’ Human Resources Department manages the recruitment and employment process for the company and all candidates must be presented through this Department according to Peloton Therapeutics’ vendor policies. If your agency wishes to establish a relationship with Peloton Therapeutics, you must work directly with the Human Resources Department. Contacting our hiring managers or employees directly is not appropriate. For more details, please email

For the protection of all parties involved, Peloton Therapeutics will only accept resumes from recruiters if an executed agreement is in place at the start of the recruitment effort. Unsolicited resumes sent to Peloton Therapeutics from recruiters do not constitute any type of relationship between the recruiter and Peloton Therapeutics and do not obligate Peloton Therapeutics to pay fees should we hire from those resumes.


We seek high-caliber individuals who share our passion for translating innovative science into new cancer therapies. Job Listings 


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