Scientific Advisory Board



Venture Partner, BioMotiv


George L. Trainor, PhD has 35 years’ experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and currently is a Venture Partner in BioMotiv and an industry consultant.  He has expertise in drug discovery strategy development and execution, medicinal chemistry and the application of transformative technologies. Leading teams of more than 100 scientists, he has advanced more than 35 drug candidates into clinical development across a spectrum of therapeutic areas, including antivirals, cancer, neuroscience and inflammation. His team provided key discovery support that enabled the successful launch of SustivaTM for HIV disease.  Dr. Trainor began his active consulting career after leaving Bristol-Myers Squibb Company as Vice President – Oncology and Early Discovery Chemistry in 2010 where he had been responsible for all aspects of medicinal chemistry for the oncology area as well as hit-to-lead activities in support of all therapeutic areas. Prior to the Dupont Pharmaceutica lCompany merger with Bristol-Myers Squibb in 2001, Dr. Trainor was Executive Director for Medicinal Chemistry at Dupont, working under Paul Anderson, PhD.  Prior to that position, Dr. Trainor was a scientist in the Dupont Central Research and Development Department. His key contribution in Dupont CR&D was the discovery and commercial development of fluorescence-tagged chain terminators for use in automated DNA sequencing. In 2011, Dr. Trainor won the American Chemical Society’s “Heroes of Chemistry Award” for that work.